“Nature, to be commanded must be obeyed” Francis Bacon

Information not Persuasion

To say that we are in the age of multiple identities is not easy. If Shakespeare already had problems of “to be or not to be” and Pirandello saw the thousand masks of the ego, today we are all drops of the same ocean and we do not even know it. Our only certainty is our actions, they are what measure who we are and what give us and others a memory.
Everything comes from underneath.

Our mission is to promote an ever growing eco-sustainable market, reclaiming the artistic aspect of communication and informing the masses without being misleading.
Cooperation between a differently designed creative sector and all the other sectors of the economy can breathe life to a different idea, since without good communication no kind of business will be able to work. This also means changing a mass media system which has now run out of resources and is inefficient and unable to support the transformation which is taking place.